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Congratulations to obtaining French Drinking Water ACS Certification!
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Congratulations to our pipe fitting for passing French Drinking Water ACS Certification!

This time, our company provided products and assisted customers to obtain ACS Certification, which fully proves that our ductile iron pipe fittings have been further improved  with higher quality assurance, and have entered the ranks of high-end quality!

ACS is a French health certification body, Its full name is Attestation Conformite Sanitaire, mainly based on AFNOR standards for the testing of plumbing equipment.

ACS Certification is the proof that pipe fittings are allowed to enter France. It is highly recognized in France and is highly sought after by buyers in France and even the European Union.

Having ACS Certification means that our products meet the requirment of Franceh drinking water standards, which is the guarantee of product quality, a powerful manifestation of competitiveness, and highlights the strength of the company!

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