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Huihua Valve Industry Co. was founded in May 2000. Its predecessor is Jinjun Butterfly Valve Factory, it is a professional manufacturer majoring in research and development, design, production, distribution and service. Huihua Valve Industry Co. can design as to ANSI in America, JIS in Japan, DIN in Germany, BS in Britain, NF in France, Australia, GB in China etc. and produce "Hiwa" wafer type, lug type, flanged resilient butterfly valve, resilient gate valve, cast iron gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball vale, Y strainer and so on, the operation can be supplied lever, gear, pneumatic, dynamoelectric, also we can supply special material and sealing structure to insure the sealing, anticorrosion, antifriction and safety under different pressure, temperature, medium and the valves can be used in many industries, such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power etc. Then they can meet the customers different requirements for specification.



In order to insure the quality of products and service, the company established a perfect quality management and assurance system. Tianjin Huihua passed ISO9001 quality system certification in 1999, got BS EN ISO 9001:2000 international quality system certificate of Moody compay and PED CE certificate of TUV in March 2008. In September 2004, Zibo Huihua successfully passed the audit of Sweden SGS ISO 9001:2000(with design) quality control system’s international and domestic double certifications and got certificate in October. The company obtained national special equipment manufacturing license certificate in 2006 and passed English authoritative WRAS dringking water certification in 2009.In 2012, our company obtained UL Certificate of butterfly valve, and we have started UL application of other valves and Australian Standard Mark application in March 2013. The certificate will be obtained soon.


In 2011, 46300 US dollars valves of Huihua was inspected by Zibo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and successfully exported to The Republic of Belarus. It’s the first time that valves produced in Zibo are exported to The Republic of Belarus. In order to help our company to export products smoothly, Zibo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau help us to establish entire preceeding supervision, such as product design, raw material, manufacture and machining, sales and after sale service. They guide us to manufacture according to importing country’s standards, strengthen our self-test and self-control capacity and insure the quality and safety of exporting products. In recent years, the turnover and profits of Hiwa products continue to increase. The turnover of 2009 reached 180 million yuan, profit was 24.94 million yuan. The turnover of 2010 reached 120 million yuan, profit was 22.93 million yuan. Special valve R&D research center was set up in 2008 and we have applied for 32 patents. 10 patents were accepted. There is one early warning globe valve patent, one ceramic slide valve patent. 22 national utility models patents were authorized. The center was named “Zibo Special Valve Engineering and Technology Research Center” by Zibo Science and Technology Bureau in 2011.


Huihua has a superior open up and innovation ability, introduces and trains a large number of talents who are well educated, understand technology and know management. There are 43 people in special valve R&D center, 40 people are above college education. After three years effort, the center has a strong ability in technology innovation and gradually establish perfect structure of legal person management, normative marketing system, smooth production scale and first-calss service system. The company has established a perfect R&D management system and development projects report. We can make accurate judgments of market developments and changes, established R&D persons performangce appraisal method. Our company signed a research cooperation agreement with Shandong University of Technology in 2008 and made a series of industry results. Now the company’s R&D center is entrying a accelerating development of engineerization and industrialization  and format a new pattern of production, machining, research and development and product inspection. 


At the beginning of twentieth century, the company organized senior technical staff to research ceramic valves and devide them to zirconium dioxide(ZrO2)ceramic valve, alumina (Al2O3)ceramic valve, silicon nitride (Si3N4)ceramic valve, silicon carbide (SiC)ceramic valve, jet pulse cleaning valve accoring to different conditions, different media and different materials. Compared with similar foreign products, the performance achieves the same level. We applied it to the factory production process and gained good profit.


Huihua Valve Industry Co. has more than 600 staff and equipment 540 sets. All factories cover an area of 90000 quare meters and there are total three factor. Tianjin Huihua factory occupys 30000 square meters, workshop occupys 18000 square meters, equipment 300 sets, more than 200 employees including senior engineering 6, 12 other technicians. Zibo Huihua occupys 20000 square meters, workshop occupys 12000 square meters, equipment 200 sets, more than 120 employees including senior engineering 4, 13 other technicians. Shandong Fowry Industry Co. Ltd factory occupys 39000 square meters, workshop occupys 24000 square meters, more than 150 employees including senior engineering 2, 9 other technicians, equipment 140 sets. There are three millions of casting resin sand pipelines, more than 5000 tons of castings per month. We also have the best epoxy resin coating line, the annual spray volume is 7000 tons. In 2012, the company expects to invest 30 million yuan in production of


Product, invest 12 million in workshops, invest 11 million in equipments, invest 8 million in other base installation. It will not only meet our company’s casting requirment and processing requirements, but also meet some of social requirements.


The company executes general manager responsibility under the leadership of board of directors. The company is consisted of business administration office, supply and marketing department, international trade department, technology department, quanlity department, production department, warehouse, finacial department etc. The company has the right to import and export, has Huihua Valve Industry Co. Ltd and Zibo Bifine International Co. Ltd. The company can handle import and export business independently.


Huihua products develop in the domestic and foreign markets. With good afer-sale service and excellent quality, Huihua wins the better marketing credit standing.Hiwa valves have been widely exported to America, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Turkey, Spain, Korea, India, Russia, Italy, Romania, Southeast Asia and Taiwan etc. countries and regions. The company’s strong design and development capabilities, excellent processing and testing equipment, perfect quality management system, good teamwork spirit ensure the performance, quality and delivery of Hiwa valve. It makes us win the favor of customers. Now Hiwa valves have been widely applied to the chlor-alkali, petrochemical, power, polysilicon, paper, sewage treatment and other fields.


Huihua has always been developing business based on quality first, reputation first. With earnest and serious manner, we supply satisfactory products and service to customers. “Your need is our task”, Huihua is willing to work with you to develop new markets, develop together and make progress together.