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Huihua Valve Industry Co.’s predecessor is Jinjun Butterfly Valve Factory who is a professional valve manufacturer with more than 20 years’ experience. Our main products are butterfly valve, check valve, gate valve, globe valve, strainer etc and is exported to USA, South Africa, Turkey, Spain, Korea, India, Russia, Italy, Romania, Taiwan, Southeast Asia etc. 




In May,Tianjin Jinjun Butterfly Valve Factory is changed to Tianjin Huihua Valve Industry Co. Ltd. It has about 140 sets of equipments. Total value is 2.4 million yuan. It covers an area of 13200 square meters and has more than 100 employees.




Huihua invested new Tianjin Huihua factory and Zibo Huihua factory in the year 2003 and 2004. Tianjin factory is located in Xiaozhan Town, Jinnan District Tianjin City. Zibo factory is located in New Hi-Tech Industry Zone Zibo. 




In October Zibo Huihua started production. it is a professional manufacturer majoring in design, production and distribution. The company has the right to import and export and can handle import and export business independently. We have 300 sets equipments and value 6 million yuan. Zibo Huihua occupys 30000 square meters, more than 260 employees and production value is 36 million yuan.



In September 2004, Zibo Huihua successfully passed the audit of Sweden SGS ISO 9001:2000(with design) quality control system’s international and domestic double certifications and got certificate in October. 




At the end of 2005, Tianjin Huihua moved into new factory. Now the factory covers 30000 square meters, workshop occupys 18000 square meters. The equipment is increased to 300 sets and total value is 4 million yuan. Employees are increased to 340 and production valve is more than 80 million yuan. Until now, Huihua succeeds in changing into group company.



Zibo Huihua got the manufacture license of special equipment. 



We got BS EN ISO 9001:2000 international quality system certificate of Moody compay and PED CE certificate of TUV in March.



Special valve R&D research center was set up in April and we have applied for 32 patents. 10 patents were accepted. There is one early warning globe valve patent, one ceramic slide valve patent. 22 national utility models patents were authorized.



In August Huihua invested 10 million yuan to purchase a office of more than 1000 square meters in the international trade building. The company has set up international trade centre, domestic purchasing department, pipe fittings company, Bifine (Zibo) INT’L Co. Ltd, special valves company and special valves R&D center. The establishment of international trade center is a solid bridge between Huihua and domestic and foreign friends. We provide customers with good service and technology innovation. 




In October Zibo Huihua got the English authoritative WRAS dringking water certification. In recent years, the turnover and profit of Huihua products are continuously improved. In 2009, the turnover reached 180 million yuan, profit 24.94 million yuan. 




46300 US dollars valves of Huihua was inspected by Zibo Inspection and Quarantine and successfully exported to The Republic of Belarus. It’s the first time that valves produced in Zibo are exported to The Republic of Belarus. In order to help our company to export products smoothly, Zibo Inspection and Quarantine help us to establish entire preceeding supervision, such as product design, raw material, manufacture and machining, sales and after sale service. They guide us to manufacture according to importing country’s standards, strengthen our self-test and self-control capacity and insure the quality and safety of exporting products.




We set up Huihua foundry in January. It’s located in Huimin county, the “Sun Tzu Hometown”. It’s a wholly owned subsidiary of Huihua Group and is an important enterprise in Binzhou city. The foundry occupies 62000 square meters and is a big manufacturer of drinking water, PTFE lined valve, wear-resistant valve and stainless steel, cast iron. Huihua plans to invest total 120 million yuan. We have invested 50 million yuan already and was in trial operation in October 2011.



The first-stage project was put into operation in March 2012. In the year 2011, the company recruited more than 100 employees, including 50 engineers. The company consists of revestment workshop, resin sand workshop, mould workshop, cast iron workshop, processing workshop and assembling workshop etc. The annual output of stainless steel will be more than 1000 tons, cast iron 12000 tons.



Huihua special valves R&D center was named “Zibo Special Valve Engineering and Technology Research Center” by Zibo Science and Technology Bureau in October.




In January Huihua foundry started production.Equipments are all kinds of medium frequency furnace, heat treatment furnace,   molding machine, core shooter, wax injection machines, CNC lathes, machining centers, millinng machines, crankshaft grinding machines, lathes, drilling and pressure testing equipment etc, total 250 sets. Until now the we have bought all kinds of medium frequency furnace, heat treatment furnace, molding machine, core shooter, wax injection machines, CNC lathes, machining centers, millinng machines, crankshaft grinding machines, lathes, drilling and pressure testing equipment etc, total 250 sets. We have spectrum analyzer, front rapid thermal analyzer, universal testing machine, cloth los vickers hardness tester, metalloscope, computer processing carbon sulfur analyzer, three coordinates ultrasonic detectors, magnetic defect detector, non-destructive detector and Pouring simulation system software. All the instruments are used to test the chemical composition, mechanical properties, microstructure of all kinds of castings. In this way, we can insure the products not only looks good, but the inner quality is good enough. 



In March Shandong Fowry Industry Co. Ltd will build up 4 modern casting lines, total investment 32 million yuan. When it’s put into operation, Huihua will form the production lines of ductile iron, gray iron, chilled alloy cast iron, using medium frequency induction furnace melting, hand molding, machine molding, coated sand hot core box, resin sand process. All equipment investments are more than 20 million yuan. 



Until May in 2012, we have formed two main factories, Tianjin Huihua Valve Industry Co. and Zibo  Huihua Valve Industry Co. Tianjin Pinyuan Valve Co. Ltd is the third factory. Shandong Fowry Industry Co. Ltd is the fourth factory who is professional in stainless steel casting, carbon steel casting etc. Huihua will form a comprehensive machine means, well-equipped, full range of valves manufacturer, in order to meet different demands.